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Kind Words

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“Cindy is AHHHHHmazing. If you’re sitting there going, hmmm… should we get pet pics? Should we go with Muddy Love? The answer is a resounding YES! The woman is a miracle worker and she’s dog savvy enough to bring every head-tilt inducing sound, treat, and distraction under the sun. Call her. Now.”

-Sonia and Dustin and the Three Toddler Huskies (


“Oh my gosh. We don’t even know what to say. They are all absolutely AMAZING! Every single one was our favourite and yes that is possible! Thank you so so so so so much for capturing the true spirit of Gus. He truly is a ridiculous little man and somehow you managed to catch it in every shot. We can’t wait to show other Gus-lovers these. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and we will be recommending you highly to all of our friends with pets. Thank you thank you thank you!

Sarah, Jess and Gus, Vancouver


“Cindy, I don’t even know what to say. 

OMG I cried like a baby watching that video!!!!!!! I cannot believe how amazing these photos are, I am so, so, so stunned!!!! Wow, words cannot express our gratitude. This is amazing, incredible, unbelievable. You captured every single piece of London that I had hoped – her cute shy side, her bashful side, her fun side. WOW. Thank you. We will be in touch again for some adult doggy photos! Gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts.”

Heather, Vancouver BC





She captured my dog’s wide array of expressions, silly and serious, as well as the two of us just connecting and hanging out. I had taken many photos of Echo while training him for the BC Guide Dog program, but did not have many of us together. Before he went into advanced training to become a working dog, it was very important to me to capture the connection Echo and I had shared. I thought of Cindy right away knowing of her natural creative ability and her affinity toward animals. As expected, she did a fantastic job!! She gave me pictures I will always treasure that capture that special time, I’m so grateful.Right from the start Cindy was an excellent communicator clarifying what I was looking for and setting up a time that worked well for me on very short notice. Cindy has a magical way of taking the camera out of the equation; she offers relaxed conversation and captures the real in her photo shoots. There is honesty to her work that I haven’t seen before and is quite inspiring. Her love of animals and way of connecting with them is so sincere and lighthearted. On top of all of her natural talent, she is organized and efficient and really goes the extra mile for you. For example, she had checked the weather on the day of our outdoor shoot and adjusted the time to ensure we would capture the best light. I was also very impressed to have my photo selection back in no time. I would definitely recommend working with Cindy for anyone wanting to have a great experience capturing everything you love about your pet and the special connection you share. I plan on having another shoot done with Cindy as soon as possible!”

Alison Izat, Vancouver



“OMG!!!!!! Thank you so much.

I am sitting here alternating crying and laughing at the same time over how much I LOVE all the photos. They are all exactly what I was hoping for, and I know the rest of my day/week will be looking at these and trying somehow to decide which ones to use for the album. It will be a hard choice! THANK YOU!!!!! I thought about you today as I wrapped up the album for Irv for Christmas.

I used a gold gel pen to write an inscription for the inside front – it was the “things we learn from dogs” sayings that include things like: ‘when a loved one comes home always run to greet them, and ‘if what you want lies buried, dig until you find it’ – I love those sayings, I put about 10 of them in the album so I think it will bring some big emotions. Thank you so much for putting together such a memorable present – it will be something we keep for our whole lives, and cry over.”

Melanie Moore, Dunbar Vancouver


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“Cindy, Wow… just wow!

They are SO beautiful!  I have posted a couple for volunteers to see and they also think they are stunning.  You do amazing work. Our sincere thanks to you  for capturing the magic of some of our lovely charges.  The Volunteer Team sees their inner beauty all the time and you have helped capture that so we can share that magic with others. Thank you so very much. You have a true talent.”

Tracey Bon, Katie’s Place Cat Shelter, Maple Ridge


They are so beautiful they made all of us cry!

It is going to be very difficult to pick our favourite pictures as I want to click the heart on all of them! Thanks again, the photo shoot came out better then we could’ve imagined, you completely captured Stunner’s beauty!”

Serena Pattar, Surrey

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“Booking a photo session with Muddy Love Pet Photography was one of the best things we have ever done. No joke.

This says a lot considering we have a bit of a special needs dog. Our Lucy is a rescue. While she has come a long way in the year and a half that she has been living with us, she still has a ways to go!

But Cindy’s sensitivity to Lucy and her situation set up the entire experience for success. She listened carefully to what Lucy’s issues were, suggested and arranged the ideal location to shoot photos of Lucy, and approached Lucy in all the right ways to make her comfortable and happy. She brought out the best in Lucy! Cindy’s gentle direction and keen eye set me, my husband, and Lucy up to look fabulous.

The session was awesome. It was just so much fun. We left not believing how fast the time passed and just feeling relaxed. Outings with Lucy can be quite stressful at times so this says a lot. And then there were the photos. Not only was the session itself just a lovely experience, but now we have all of these superb photos perfectly capturing those memories. My husband and I spent hours fawning over the photos. Cindy provided us with a variety of photos that truly capture the essence of Lucy. Now other people can see Lucy the way we do. In addition to beautifully balanced photos of Lucy, Cindy captured great images of us as family. The best way I can describe the gallery is fun and emotional with the perfect hint of artsy class that is well-balanced with canine sweetness and sass.”

Diana Royea, Vancouver