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A Photoshoot with Henry (and his Humans)

You know when you meet those people who are SO DARN nice? Like, in every possible way? That’s how it was right from my first contact with Amanda. She and her husband were moving out to Vancouver from Alberta (my hometown) and wanted to schedule a photoshoot with their dog Henry as soon as they arrived.

We had a lot of laughs and a really beautiful sunny evening together. Henry wanted nothing more than to be held, petted and cuddled by his people. Whenever they put him down he looked back over like.. ok… so when will you be holding me again? I loved everything about this shoot, including the great outfits Amanda and Brandon chose to wear. When she received her photos she sent this response:

They turned out AMAZING!! So much better than I could have imagined! Too bad you didn’t do our wedding :p I was viewing them on my phone all weekend :):):) Brandon and I will certainly be downloading them all sometime this week. Upon our return from vacation I’ll absolutely look into ordering some so I’ll touch base with you again then! I just love them so much!!

Even Brandon loves them, which says a lot!! WOW!! Just so amazing!! You’re truly so talented!! My favorite photo changes by the hour, I love them all! especially some near the end when I’m holding the little guy/Brandon has him flipped over his shoulder.. so cute!! Actually, mad props that the ones of Brandon and I being affectionate didn’t look staged! Bah! They’re all just so beautiful and the colors of our clothes look so nice in the setting… just majestic!! TRULY! Oh!! And I totally see what you were doing about Henry being in the sun for some of them – he literally looks like he’s glowing! I could go on and on….

Anyways, just wanted to let you know we adore them and are absolutely obsessed with how they turned out! 🙂 I actually got to show my mom and she said they are beautiful! 🙂


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