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Vern’s Incredible Journey


This past weekend was a whirlwind. I headed out to Victoria for two very special photoshoots. The first one I will share is Vern’s shoot. I think Vern’s new mom can tell his story better than I can, so with her permission I am sharing it here. I am so glad there are people like these two in the world and that this little love bug found them:

This is his/our story, in a nutshell. After our Border Collie cross died at the age of 14, every year at his birthday and Christmas my husband Glenn would say to me “I thought this year someone would get me a dog…” My neighbour up the street brings dogs up from a high kill shelter in San Bernadino, CA so I asked her about getting a dog last January. Sadly, there are so many dogs in the shelters down there it was hard to choose so going with what we already knew, I picked a small border collie cross and told my neighbour that was the one I wanted. For some unknown reason, this poor dog was euthanized that same day, prior to us getting our information to the shelter. It was strange because even though I had never met this little dog, it broke my heart. I told her that I would take the next dog that was going to be killed.

There are so many great people who pledge money and work with Rescue Groups to ensure as many of these dogs as possible don’t have to die that the adoption and delivery process was amazingly smooth. The shelter was contacted and advised that we would be adopting Vern, who I named after my dad. It was bittersweet to read his papers when he arrived at our home because they said ‘Is being adopted, do not PTS (put to sleep). That was Jan 23rd.

Vern was sent to the local vet and given a clean bill of health, then neutered. I believe he may have spent a couple of days in a foster home and then was put on a transport truck, Paws Without Borders, going all the way from California to Blaine, Washington. My neighbour picked him up in Blaine and brought him back on the ferry to Victoria on Feb 1st. When she arrived home I went up to pick him up and he was much bigger in person than in the pictures that showed on the website….and extremely strong! He pulled me all the way home!

As Vern was a surprise for my husband’s birthday I brought him into the basement and called Glenn downstairs. When Glen walked into the room I said “Happy Birthday!” He looked pretty surprised but didn’t say much…Vern wasn’t the furry border collie that he was hoping for I’m sure. But Glenn sat down on the couch and Vern immediately climbed onto his lap. The two of them have been inseparable ever since. A few days later Glenn said that he never thought he would ever have a pit bull as a dog, now he said he can’t imagine not having one.

Thank you Gail and Glenn for taking such good care of Vern.



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