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The Amazing Gus (And The World’s Best Surprise Gift)

book2PINGus is truly a special dog – athletic, goofy, sweet, and spring loaded. When his human moms Sara and Jess got in touch, I was totally excited to go and do a photoshoot for them down at the off-leash area on MacDonald Beach, a beautiful place and doggie paradise I don’t get to nearly often enough.

The shoot went super well, other than the part where I accidentally asked Sara to sit down on a log that had FIRE ANTS on it (sorry Sara – you were a great sport!). After the shoot, we talked about what kind of products they might want. I love how this went down: Jess emailed me privately to say “we’re just going to order prints, but I REALLY want to surprise Sara with an album, k?” So, we two sneaky ladies built and ordered an album together, without letting on to Sara what we were doing. Her favourite colour is purple, so picking the album cover colour was easy. Here are some of the spreads from the album, and a few shots of the album itself.

I always really encourage people to go for an album – I try to keep the costs reasonable because it’s just super important to me that you have a tangible memory of your shoot. I hear so many times from past clients how they go back to their album again and again. It’s an awesome thing to have out on the coffee table or on the bookshelf, just to have those images and memories right at your fingertips. The companies I use to produce the books are very high end, and the quality really is awesome. If you have questions about getting your own album, pop me a note!  (Even if we did a shoot in the past and you didn’t order then but wish you had – you can still order one in time for Christmas, just ‘sayin!)


And some more photos from our shoot:

gus puppy photoshoot vancouver dogPIN

gus puppy photoshoot vancouver dogPIN


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