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The Wee Baby Gracie


Ahh okay, it’s time for a little gratuitous puppy posting, I just can’t resist.

After losing my lab boxer cross Takaya last December, I knew I had a lot of room in my life for a dog, and wanted to get a puppy. Enter my new and (yes I’m biased) utterly wonderful puppy Gracie. Here are some shots I took of Gracie in her first few days away from her siblings and living with me. She’s a bit older now (10 months old) than she was in these photos, so it’s funny to look back and see the slight worried uncertainty on her face. Nowadays that has been replaced with a relaxed, open mouthed grin, which she sports pretty much 24/7. I still miss Takaya, but Gracie has been an amazing addition who has already brought so much joy into my world. Dogs, you are simply the best.


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