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A Doggie Photoshoot with Lucy the Bull Terrier

When I got the first contact email from Lucy’s human mom Diana, I knew immediately I couldn’t wait to work with them. Diana shared:

“We are quickly approaching our one year anniversary and 18 months since we have adopted Lucy and wanted to spoil ourselves and splurge on some nice photos. The problem is that Lucy is not your average dog. She was found as a street dog in California and made her way up the west coast through a series of failed adoptions, rescue placements and re-placements until she ended up in a high kill shelter. Lucky for us, she was pulled by a breed specific rescue in Washington state hours before being put down. This awesome organization also struggled to rehabilitate and re-home Lucy. With two foster families that sent her back because she was too much they were starting to worry about Lucy’s suitability as a pet. Finally, they found an awesome lady who fostered Lucy and renewed their hope in her. We were not going to get a dog at the time. The timing just didn’t seem right with me as PhD student and living in a tiny, overpriced Vancouver apartment (we are from Quebec and moved her so I could go to UBC) but when our attention was brought to Lucy, her issues, and how she needs just the right home, there was no way that we could say no.

All that being said, Lucy was a high-anxiety, compulsive tail chasing, fearful mess of a dog. She has come such a long way! She has completed basic obedience, no longer chases her tail, has learned how to play, ride in the car, settle and sleep rather than pace and bark, she knows a variety of tricks, she is just an awesome little sweetie. We also learned that she LOVES kids.  But she is still a little fearful of strangers. Would you consider doing a photoshoot with us?”

Um. YES.

I was so excited to meet this wonderful little dog who had come so far. And when I did, I fell in love with her right away. She was a total sweet, loving goofball. I made sure not to stress her out with the camera, and in the end we had an awesome time. Diana wrote me one of the best testimonials ever. It’s people like her and her husband that give me faith in humanity!


After the shoot Diana wrote:


No joke. This says a lot considering we have a bit of a special needs dog. Our Lucy is a rescue. While she has come a long way in the year and a half that she has been living with us, she still has a ways to go! But Cindy’s sensitivity to Lucy and her situation set up the entire experience for success. She listened carefully to what Lucy’s issues were, suggested and arranged the ideal location to shoot photos of Lucy, and approached Lucy in all the right ways to make her comfortable and happy. She brought out the best in Lucy! Cindy’s gentle direction and keen eye set me, my husband, and Lucy up to look fabulous. The session was awesome. It was just so much fun. We left not believing how fast the time passed and just feeling relaxed. Outings with Lucy can be quite stressful at times so this says a lot. And then there were the photos. Not only was the session itself just a lovely experience, but now we have all of these superb photos perfectly capturing those memories. My husband and I spent hours fawning over the photos. Cindy provided us with a variety of photos that truly capture the essence of Lucy. Now other people can see Lucy the way we do.In addition to beautifully balanced photos of Lucy, Cindy captured great images of us as family. The best way I can describe the gallery is fun and emotional with the perfect hint of artsy class that is well-balanced with canine sweetness and sass.”


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