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Curious about what it’s like to have a photo session with Muddy Love? I’ve compiled some frequently asked questions.

How do I book a photo session?

Call 604-999-8468 or email me directly to book a session. An 25% deposit is required to hold your date and the remaining balance is due the day of our photoshoot.

What should I expect at the photo session?

Expect the unexpected! Bring a towel! Bring reinforcements! Just kidding. Expect our photography session to be relaxed and a lot of fun. We’ll approach things a good spirit and a sense of humor and just see what unfolds. No two sessions are ever the same. We’ll aim tell your pet’s story-the true story that includes all the quirks, naughtiness, goofy habits, sweetness etc. Basically we will go with the flow and see what happens. I find having a relaxed and patient attitude does wonders.

Can I be in the pictures too?

Of course!  I love photographing people and I promise to make you look way better than you expect (that is if your pet doesn’t outshine you. They’re kinda experts at that).  And if you would like a headshot of yourself, please let me know and I’ll throw one in at no extra cost. You’re there anyway!

What should I wear?

Ah the age old question, what to wear for your (and your pet’s) photoshoot! Choosing the right clothes actually does matter.

When styling a photo session, I recommend you start with a basic colour palette and then build on that. Think about what colour your dog or cat is and what colours would compliment them and the area where we’re doing our shoot. If you’re not sure what to wear please ask me and we can have a fun consultation about it. (You can even send me iphone snaps of the wardrobe ideas you have and I will help guide you!)

Coordinate everyone’s outfits, and consider where we will be doing the shoot (Forest? That’s green – so pick colours that might stand out against green like rusts, reds, pastels…urban area like a coffee shop, or city streets? That’s more concrete and neutral, so you can play with a variety of bright colours.)

Add some zing
In general when you pick your colours, think neutrals, or colourful brights, or try a softer range of colours that are similar but not too matchy-matchy. And don’t be afraid to go for a colour pop like a funky hat or scarf, flowers in your hair, jewelry, sweaters, vests and jackets. Layers and textures look awesome (think embroidery details, hand knit items, lace). Footwear can also be a lot of fun for the girls – but please bring flats that you’ll be comfortable tromping around in a bit if you are planning on bringing heels, that way we can switch your shoes if we need to go “off road” a little bit to get to a natural looking area with your animal. Most of my clients bring a little bag of extras – shoes, a sweater or accessory, dog toys and treats – and I am happy to carry this for you so it isn’t in your shots.

A few don’ts
Just as a reminder, a few things you don’t want to do when it comes to your wardrobe:

  • Avoid logos, labels, graphics and writing on shirts – this is too distracting and can date your photos.
  • Try to stay away from bright white socks or sneakers, unless it’s cool modern stuff like converse or vans.

All that said, really at the end of the day it’s all about being you, being comfortable and having fun, so if you want to break the rules – go right ahead. (And if you’re still looking for ideas, go to Pinterest and type in “photoshoot wardrobe ideas” – you will have hours of fun on there.)

Here’s the thing…My dog is NOT trained and can’t really be off leash

Most people are surprised to hear that is actually more the norm. We won’t try to make your dog be something they aren’t – we’ll have loads of fun in an environment safe for them, even on short leash if need be (Or if you prefer let me know and I can bring a long sturdy leash). After our session, if you prefer, I’ll retouch the leash out. I want everyone to be safe and happy so I don’t charge for that extra step. And if your dog is a little hard to manage – trust me, it’s not my first rodeo and I have lots of tricks and pretty darned good speed and timing after doing this work for so many years. We will make it work, and it will even be lots of fun. Your pet will feel like a rockstar after all the fun and attention.

Can you do pictures of my kid(s) with my pet?

You bet. Kids and pets go together like bread and butter and these shoots make for gorgeous prints. The interaction between kids and pets is simply magical and these are some of my most favourite shoots ever. Makes an awesome surprise gift for your spouse/partner too.

Do you shoot all year round? What if it rains?

Yup I go all year! If it rains on the scheduled day of your shoot, we can go out into the filthy, fabulous and wet Vancouver weather and have a blast (you’d be surprised at the cool shots we can get in a light rain or in some neat spots I’ve discovered that are rain proof), or we can touch base the morning of, do some sun dances and reschedule. Totally up to you.

Do you travel?

Absolutely. I do local travel and I love longer trips as well. Just ask and we can work it out.