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She Said Yes (On the Sunshine Coast)

I’m not crying, you’re crying! That’s what I was muttering to myself as I left my shoot with Pam, Laurenzo and their 10-year-old pup Kosta. Pam recently contacted me about doing a shoot on theView full post »

A Photoshoot with Henry (and his Humans)

You know when you meet those people who are SO DARN nice? Like, in every possible way? That’s how it was right from my first contact with Amanda. She and her husband were moving out toView full post »

A Photoshoot with Reggie the Dog

This was my second shoot with Stacie and her awesome Palivos family, including their sweet dog (and “first child”) Reggie. Reggie’s health had taken a turn for the worse and StacieView full post »

Three Dog Day at Macdonald Beach

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I wanted to share this super fun photoshoot I recently did on Macdonald Beach. Kristi and Kenny and their three pups were looking for aView full post »

Huskies in the Hatch

I was soooo excited to do this photoshoot. Sonia got in touch with me about a month ago and told me about the awesome adventure she and her husband Dustin are going on. They’re going to takeView full post »

Romeo, Oh Romeo..

When Romeo’s mom Kym reached out to me and asked if I wanted to do a “styled photoshoot with a puppy in a Westfalia on the beach somewhere?” I think I almost spit out my drink. IView full post »

The Stupendous Stewie Dog

I have a special connection with Stewie and his people. I first met Tanya and Ken when I took their wedding photographs, ages and ages ago. Then later, they got this crazy puppy called Stewie, and weView full post »

Vern’s Incredible Journey

This past weekend was a whirlwind. I headed out to Victoria for two very special photoshoots. The first one I will share is Vern’s shoot. I think Vern’s new mom can tell his story betterView full post »

The Amazing Gus (And The World’s Best Surprise Gift)

Gus is truly a special dog – athletic, goofy, sweet, and spring loaded. When his human moms Sara and Jess got in touch, I was totally excited to go and do a photoshoot for them down at theView full post »

Pet Photography Goodbyes – Saying Farewell to NJ

Not long ago NJ’s owner Naywe reached out to me for some photos to capture the memories of her and her husband’s time with their beloved pitbull before he passed away. NJ, at 11 yearsView full post »

Catherine and Lily

When Catherine booked a shoot for her and her lovely cat Lily, she told me that she’d had Lily for 18 years, and through law school and her career now as a busy lawyer, Lily has been herView full post »

The Wee Baby Gracie

Ahh okay, it’s time for a little gratuitous puppy posting, I just can’t resist. After losing my lab boxer cross Takaya last December, I knew I had a lot of room in my life for a dog, andView full post »

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Photographing Monster the Cat

Something about the name “Monster” for a cat just totally works for me. Monster’s owner’s boyfriend got in touch with me because he wanted to get his girlfriend a photoshootView full post »

A Doggie Photoshoot with Lucy the Bull Terrier

When I got the first contact email from Lucy’s human mom Diana, I knew immediately I couldn’t wait to work with them. Diana shared: “We are quickly approaching our one year anniversaryView full post »