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Tater Tot


Tater Tot was recently adopted from the Vancouver SPCA by Darren. Darren originally planned to get a foster dog, and when he got a call from the SPCA saying they had a pup with kennel cough who needed a place to rest, he said it would be no problem. He drove over to the SPCA, filled out the paperwork, and by the time he was done, a staff member had already loaded Tater into Darren’s SUV.

Darren hopped in his truck, and looked back to see the sweetest face. “I said, ‘Oh… but you’re so cute!’,” he remembers. Darren wasn’t ready to commit to a dog yet (ha ha) so figured he would have Tater for a week or two. The rest is history – Tater quickly snuggled his way into Darren’s heart, and the two are inseparable. Darren works from home so Tater has constant companionship, and the two head out for at least two long walks a day. A match made in heaven. We had so much fun during our photo shoot – Tater loves to bring you the ball to throw, but then not drop it, and look at you with a very pleased glint in his eye. Tater is an incredibly cuddly little guy who loves to be touched, petted and fawned over.


Cindy Hughes is a pet photographer in Vancouver, British Columbia. She provides lifestyle photography for people and the pets they love. Cindy specializes in dog and cat photography and is available for commercial and editorial assignments. Will travel!


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